Many places in this world suffer from ethnic, racial or religious strife and even violence. I grew up in one of those places, Northern Ireland, and it was only when I got to travel elsewhere that I realized that places exist in this world where people of different backgrounds and beliefs live peacefully together – this was the first of many times that travel lifted my personal veil of ignorance and led to expanded knowledge and self-discovery!

From that point on I have been a lifelong traveler, wanting to learn more about other cultures, and to understand the historical, geographical and social factors that contribute to each culture’s uniqueness.

Adventure travel, which pushes us beyond our normal comfort zone, can accelerate that process of self-discovery, by quickly reminding us of our mortality as we raft class V rapids, or causing us to reflect on our own cultural influences as we enter a village of former headhunters.

The purpose of this blog is to stimulate discussion on how adventure travel can break down barriers and maybe even make the world a slightly better place – one traveler at a time!

So go ahead, weigh in, and post a comment or two…

And what’s with the domain name, AdventureAdvice.com? Well, the plan is to expand this site to be more than just a blog, and for it to be a resource where travelers and adventure travel professionals alike can seek, and also offer, advice on adventure travel. More on that later…


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