African Princesses, in Oakland?

African Princesses, in Oakland?

Did I mention that my theme tune is “Voyager” by Les Nubians?

“Voyager, rien ne m’est plus essentiel
Plier bagages, en quête d’autres images plus réelles..
Partir loin et découvrir
Quel air l’humanité respire
Comment nos contemporains vivent
Sous d’autres lumières.

“Travel, nothing is more important to me
Pack my bags, in search of other images more real…
Travel far and discover
The air that humanity breathes
And how our contemporaries live
Under other lights.

So I just had to be there this afternoon at Yoshi’s when Les Nubians included Oakland in their pre-release tour for their new album, “NU REVOLUTION”! What can I say, other than the music was true to their ‘Afropean’ heritage – a wonderful mix of African rhythyms, R&B, with a jazzy style, with lyrics in French and English. Check it out for yourself at Les Nubians.

Les Nubians, Afro Hair Dance
Les Nubians, Afro Hair Dance

Great as the new songs are from their new CD, the most fun part was the interaction between Hélène and Célia and the kids in the audience, especially the Afro Hair Dance, which they even performed again at the end of the show as an encore, a special request by an 8 year old fan!

meeting Les Nubians at Yoshi's
meeting Les Nubians at Yoshi's

Thanks to my daughter for taking the photo, and to my girlfriend Regina for indulging my moment with Les Princesses Nubiennes! 😉

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