My Favorite Travel App

My Favorite Travel App

So there are LOTS of great travel apps out there, like Tripit (to tame all those wild, travel-related emails and cage them in a single itinerary) and Kayak (to research alternatives to that canceled flight!), but my current favorite is WhatsApp.

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One of my pet peeves is being hit up for international texting charges, both when I’m traveling, and when I’m home and just want to exchange a quick text with a friend or relative overseas. And even more frustrating than the 50c per text charge, is the fact that I often don’t even receive the texts I’m sent. So I send a text, wait for a response, and wait… and wait… Grrr!

Yes, it’s not even a ‘real’ travel app, but WhatsApp allows me to exchange texts for free with friends on non US networks, at no charge, with no delivery issues.  And when I’m traveling I can use it over WiFi and not incur any data roaming charges. And I can even attach photos… What’s not to love?

Found a travel app you just love? Do tell…

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